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Help keep our staff, studio artists, and patrons safe!

ACYC Visitation Guidelines

Updated 3/1/2022
The well-being of its staff, patrons, and the public are the Arts Council’s top priority. Cancellations and postponements are precautionary measures taken to minimize exposure. By activating social distancing, the Arts Council removes the opportunity for people in the community to be exposed. Please check the Arts Council’s Facebook pages (@yorkcountyarts and @uffyc) and websites ( and for the most recent updates regarding scheduled events.
Please abide by the guidelines listed below when visiting the galleries and offices, or attending an art class or event hosted by the Arts Council of York County at the Center for the Arts and Tom S. Gettys Center. 

As we navigate these unprecedented times, your support means the difference. Please consider donating to local arts organizations and supporting small businesses. | Give to the Arts Council and become a member, today.


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