Center for the Arts | Dalton Gallery

121 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC



Competitive Portrait Drawing

Friday, November 20, 2020
6:00 - 7:00 PM


Tournament Style Knockout Battle
Artist Grand Prize | $100
Forget March madness. Think ART madness!
Competitive Portrait Drawing is a tournament style knockout battle that begins with 16 artists paired off in sets of 2 competing to create their best portrait of a model with just 5 minutes on the clock. The winners of each round move on until just 2 remain...


Round 1 | 16 artists paired off in 8 sets, sketching/drawing 8 models

Round 2 | 8 artists paired off in 4 sets, sketching/drawing 4 models

The 8 artists competing in Round 2 are the winning artists from Round 1

Round 3 | 4 artists paired off in 2 sets, sketching/drawing 2 models

The 4 artists competing in Round 3 are the winning artists from Round 2

Round 4 | 2 artists go head-to-head, drawing a single model

The 2 artists competing in Round 4 are the winning artists from Round 3

CALL FOR ARTISTS | email Mike Gentry, Gallery Manager at



  • Each model serves at the judge of their match! After sitting for their portraits, the models will choose their favorite portrait of themselves, and the winning artist will move on to the next round. Models will be able to pick up their portraits after November 23.

  • Register to have your portrait drawn.


  • The Competitive Portrait Drawing event begins with sixteen artists paired off in sets of two, competing to create their best portrait of a model with just five minutes on the clock. Pencils down at the sound of the buzzer. 

  • The model in each pairing serves as judge and jury, choosing their favorite of the two portraits of themselves. The winning artist from each pair then moves on to the to the next round until only 2 artists remain.

  • The final 2 artists go head-to-head drawing a local VIP, with the final decision going to them.

  • The winning artist is crowned champion and is awarded the $100 grand prize.