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Team Building Session


ACYC Listening Sessions

Center for the Arts Dalton Gallery
121 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC

Be part of our Insight Lab Listening Sessions, where your voice counts! Let's sculpt the future of the arts in our community together. Share your thoughts, ideas, ambitions, and dreams as we envision a more creative future for York County.


Be a part of our strategic planning - register today!


The Arts Council is hosting sessions to hear from YOU - yes, you! We want to know what you think about the role of  the Arts Council of York County community, and what you hope to see from the Arts in the future.


We'll host three different sessions - one for Business Leaders, another for Local Artists, and one more for General Public. This will allow each group to dive deep into the conversation and share their unique perspectives, and dig into the specific concerns and thoughts.


Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion!



DATE Wednesday, April 24 2024

TIME | 11 AM - 12 PM

WHERE Center for the Arts, Dalton Gallery

121 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC

Business Leaders are the driving force behind our local economy, and we value your insights on how the arts can collaborate with commerce to spur innovation and growth.

We want to connect with you and explore partnerships that can make a positive impact on our arts community.

Business Discussion
Sculpting Atelier

DATE Saturday, April 27 2024

TIME | 1 PM - 2 PM

WHERE Center for the Arts, Dalton Gallery

121 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC

York County's local artists are the soul of our community, the storytellers and visionaries who breathe life into our streets, galleries, and spaces. Share your dreams, challenges, and aspirations for the future of arts.


We want to empower your voice to drive the future of Arts and Culture in York County.


DATE Wednesday, May 1 2024

TIME 5 PM - 6 PM

WHERE Center for the Arts, Dalton Gallery 

121 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC

You are the fuel of our city, the individuals whose lives are touched by the arts. Whether you're a dedicated supporter, an occasional attendee, or someone yet to explore the wonders of creativity, your perspective is truly important to us.

We want to connect with you to understand your point of view, interests, and desires related to arts and cultural initiatives for you, your family, and our County.

Art Gallery
Group therapy

Interactive Voting | As you arrive to the Dalton Gallery, you will find tables with interactive voting stations, please vote on these key issues. After this warm-up, we'll sit and have a conversation led by the ACYC team.


Engaging Conversations | The Arts Council will pose questions and listen to your answers. We'll talk about the challenges and goals we can perceive in our Arts Community.

Community | Connect with members of our community that share your passions.

Maureen Cooley
Marketing Coordinator
Art Gallery
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