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MC Churchill-Nash

Despite detours and distractions M.C. Churchill-Nash has continued to create and develop her visual vocabulary by incorporating all those diversions (horses, family, animals, travel, visiting museums…) into her current style. From an early age she was surrounded by creative people and a variety of art forms — paintings, mobiles, music, and books — gave her a well-rounded taste of the arts. Her paternal grandfather was a draftsman, movie theater designer, and self-taught painter.

With support and encouragement from her family she majored in art, with a concentration in painting, and holds AFA and BFA degrees from Sullins College and the University of Tennessee. At UT M.C. studied under watercolorists Carl Sublett and Richard Clarke. Further study includes portraiture with Rita Reed (teacher, portrait, and court artist) in Charlotte, NC, and workshops with Charles Kapsner (painter and fresco artist).

M.C. has won awards and participated in juried shows throughout the US and has work in many private collections. She is a Member in Excellence of the South Carolina Watermedia Society, and a member of the South Carolina Artisans Center.
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