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Pent-Up Pink

works Fleming Markel

Center for the Arts

121 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC

Dalton Gallery

Pent-up Pink


Sept. 10 - Oct. 24, 2021
Thurs., Sept. 16
5 - 7 PM
Perimeter Gallery
Sept. 10 - Oct. 24, 2021
Thurs., Sept. 16
5 - 7 PM
Edmund D. Lewandowski Gallery
Children's Fall Art Show
Oct. 15 - Nov. 14, 2021
Mobile 3D Mammograms
Wed., Oct. 22
9 AM - 3 PM
by appointment
more info

Pent-up Pink questions gender identity and the role culture plays in defining gender through consumer goods, words, and ideas that are particular to a female-defining myth.


Our culture perpetuates many traditions and beliefs within our governing, religious and social institutions. Most of these traditions and beliefs are myths, unfounded notions. Fueled by current consumerism, language, and gender identity, these myths control our daily lives by prescribing our individual view of ourselves as well as our worldview. Fleming Markel tries to counteract the control of these myths by constructing objects that question their veracity. She employs objects primarily associated with women or women’s crafts. Markel approaches these myths with an appreciation for the ridiculous and in homage to the Feminist Art of the 1970s. Actual objects or their names usually provide the seed from which the sculptures grow. Fleming makes objects she wants to see and thereby mitigates the power of the myth they perpetuate. These sculptures are absolutely autobiographical and are my effort to debunk one myth at a time on a feminist life’s journey. 

Though “Pent-Up Pink” is a record of Markel's personal female journey made for her granddaughters specifically, the exhibition seeks to speak to a much wider audience. Fleming hopes it questions gender identity and the role culture plays in defining gender, and anticipates discussions concerning the roles of biological prescriptions, cultural myths, and personal preferences play in our individual definitions of gender.


Fleming Markel was born and raised in and has spent almost her entire life in South Carolina. She received her BA from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, and her Masters of Education from the University of South Carolina. After spending 20 years or so as a mom and community volunteer, Fleming was accepted into the graduate visual art program at Clemson University, graduating with an MFA just before she turned 50. Markel spent a number of years working in Lee Gallery at Clemson University and is presently the Director of Galleries at Greenville Technical College. She lives in Greenville with her husband and two dogs.

For inquiries, contact:

Michael Gentry

Gallery Manager

Amanda Foshag - Imperfect Echoes Updated Image.jpg

works by Amanda Foshag

EXHIBITION | Sept. 10 - Oct. 24, 2021

RECEPTION | Thurs., Sept. 16 | 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Moments and memories add up through years. These pieces and recollections become souvenirs of our past journeys. People, places, and moments are intertwined. Aware or not, they are the voices in the present forming perceptions, thoughts, and actions as we travel on our current path. Do we perceive with clarity or not? Are we aware of how we shape the here and now with what we carry to it? 


This installation is a visual record of awareness, process, and action that recognizes the two sides to a moment or thought, past and present. Do we look to those lessons with hope and endearment and grow or do we linger, lost in the in between?


Amanda Foshag has a background in various media. Her current focus is drawing, weaving, fibers, and mixed media sculpture. Foshag completed her Bachelor of Arts with a focus in art at Roanoke College in Salem, VA in 2002. During the next decade, while working as a fine artist, she was active in the Lake Norman Area’s arts community. She held curatorial positions for local arts organizations including Mooresville Arts. In 2017, Amanda completed her Master of Fine Arts in general studios at Winthrop University with a concentration in sculpture and drawing. She also served as a teaching assistant for 3D design during her time in the program. Her work was selected to ArtFields in Lake City, SC in 2014 and 2015. Amanda combines her skills in sewing, crocheting, and natural reed weaving that she learned from her grandmother as a child with more contemporary, sculptural methods, incorporating them with materials such as plastics, glass, ceramic, and steel and with fiber weaving.


Children's Fall Art Show
works by Rock Hill School District 3 Elementary Students

EXHIBITION | Oct. 15 - Nov. 15, 2021

The Arts Council is pleased to host the Children’s Fall Art Show in the Edmund D. Lewandowski Classroom Gallery. Works created by children in grades 4K – 5 attending Rock Hill elementary schools comprise this exhibit.


  • Central Child Development Center

  • Cherry Park Elementary School of Language Immersion

  • Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School

  • Ebinport Elementary School

  • Independence Elementary School

  • India Hook Elementary School

  • Lesslie Elementary School

  • Mount Gallant Elementary School

  • Mount Holly Elementary School

  • Northside Elementary School of the Arts

  • Oakdale Elementary School

  • Old Pointe Elementary School

  • Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies

  • York Road Elementary School

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