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About Artist Studios

The Arts Council offers private artist studios in the Center for the Arts and the Tom S. Gettys Center, located on East Main Street in the Downtown Rock Hill Cultural District. Rates are below market value and vary depending on square footage, access, and amenities.

Please read the information below before submitting the Artist Studio Application at the bottom of the page. If no studios are available, you are welcome to add your contact info to the Artist Studio Interest List, also found at the bottom of this page.

To schedule an appointment to view available artist studios, please call (803) 328-2787.

Center for the Arts | All studios are occupied

Tom S. Gettys Center | Two Studios Available
Studio 202 Available


SIZE: ​303 sq. ft.

LEVEL: Second Floor

ACCESSIBILITY: Elevator and Stairs


AMENITIES: 2 Windows.

Note: Occasional limited access due to Courtroom events

Studio B1 Available


SIZE: ​182 sq. ft.

LEVEL: Basement level

ACCESSIBILITY: Elevator, and Stairs





The Arts Council strives to create and support a thriving, diverse, and vibrant arts community in York County. Tenants are strongly encouraged to participate in events like First Fridays Rock Hill, and to open their studios during the business days as well as during receptions, gallery crawls, and any other opportunities that may arise.


​Studios are open to visual artists over the age of 21, at all career levels.

Lease Dates

July 1 - June 30, to be renewed annually




Applicants shall attest that all submitted information and work samples, including artwork and statements, are the applicant's own work and complies with all provisions within the application.

Paint Brushes

Eligible media

All visual art media including but not limited to:

  • Ceramics

  • Drawing/Illustration

  • Digital

  • Fiber

  • Jewelry

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Printmaking

  • Sculpture

  • Video/Time-based Art

Process Overview

Applications are accepted for individual artists and arts organizations that are interested in leasing a studio in either the Center for the Arts or Tom S. Gettys Center. Additional Keyholders may be named on the lease agreement.


Current studio artists may renew their leases annually on July 1.


Should a Studio Artist choose not to renew their lease or terminate their lease early, the Arts Council will notify artists on the Artist Studio Contact List and an open call will be issued. Artists who are interested in leasing an Artist Studio from the Arts Council must submit an application for consideration - this includes current Studio Artists and Additional Keyholders who are interested in transferring to a different studio within the Arts Council's managed buildings.


The Arts Council of York County values a diverse community of artists that reflects representation from different social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, as well as different artistic media, styles, and forms of expression. The Arts Council values artists at all stages of their career, regardless of their formal arts training.


The Arts Council seeks to remove barriers to full participation and belonging in life and culture, and promotes just and fair inclusion by creating conditions in which everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.


The Arts Council of York County is conscious of the diversity within our society. Freedom of expression is at the core of our social, cultural, and political heritage. The Arts Council respects the integrity of an artist’s personal vision and right to freedom of expression. ACYC rejects all attempts to control or censor the arts and works to create and sustain a climate where freedom of thought, imagination, and inquiry are encouraged.


The Arts Council does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law. 

Making a Vase


Painters Palette


  • Studio Artists are leaseholders at either the Center for the Arts or the Tom S. Gettys Center. 

  • Accepted applicants shall receive an Artist Studio lease that runs through June 30 that can be renewed annually.

  • Studio Artists must maintain a current Artist Membership with the Arts Council of York County.

  • The lease includes 24/7 studio access, building utilities, property taxes, ACYC staffing, common area/restroom custodial services, ACYC programming, and other day-to-day operations.

  • Restrooms are available on the basement level and the second floor.

  • Artist Studios are not residential. Studio Artists are responsible for their own housing, transportation, and parking. 

  • Gallery and shop space may be a part of an artist studio setup; however the primary use of the space should be as a working space where new work is produced.

  • Work must be produced within artist studios. Public spaces including galleries, common areas, parking lots, alleys, loading zones, and the Courtroom in the Tom S. Gettys Center are not to be used as work spaces.

  • Studios are not vented.


Art Sales

Studio Artists may sell work from their studios. The Arts Council does not take a commission from the artists' sale of their work from their studios. Artists who are planning to sell work from their studios are required to have a Business License from the City of Rock Hill and a South Carolina Business License.

Running with Shopping Bags
Prometheus Gallery 2.JPG


  • 24/7 studio access.

  • Ability to participate in select ACYC programs and exhibitions.

  • Use of shared utility sinks in select bathrooms.

  • Use of elevators.

  • Use of public restroom facilities.

  • Ability to add Additional Keyholders to the lease.

  • On-site building manager at the Center for the Arts and Tom S. Gettys Center during business hours.

  • Ability to use Center for the Arts or Tom S. Gettys Center in self-promotions.

  • Free inclusion in events and festivals produced on-site by the Arts Council of York County.

  • Convenient parking and loading zones.

  • Coffee, restaurants, public library, parks, convenience stores, and shopping within walking distance.

  • Access to My Ride Rock Hill.

Studio Selection

Available artist studios are listed on this webpage. Listings include square footage, in-studio amenities (if available), and access information.

Applicants are asked to identify the building and artist studio they are interested in renting in the Artist Studio Application. If multiple artist studios are available, applicants are welcome to indicate their first, second, and third choice of studio on the application. Applicants have right of refusal.

The Arts Council considers applications for each studio equally, without bias.

Painting on Canvas

Incumbent Studio Artists

  • Incumbent Studio Artists have first right of refusal for their current studios when their lease term ends. ​

  • There are no term limits on renewals.

  • Incumbent Studio Artists wishing to move to a different artist studio within an Arts Council-managed facility must fill out a new Artist Studio Application when a studio becomes available. Applications will be considered without bias.

  • Additional Keyholders who wish to move into their own studio within an Arts Council-managed facility must fill out an Artist Studio Application when a studio becomes available. Applications will be considered without bias.

Application FAQs

  • Applications for artist studios will open when a written notice to terminate the current lease has been issued.

  • Applications are open for a minimum of fifteen (15) business days after the studio availability is announced.

  • Applications are accepted until the lease for the studio is signed by both the Arts Council and the Studio Artist.

  • Email portfolios to

  • Applications are not complete until all components (application and portfolio) are received.

  • All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) or noted as required are required. 

  • The following criteria should inform the applicant's self-selection of their career level:

    • Established Artist | Creation of several independent bodies of work over a minimum of ten (10) years, or hired to participate in at least two (2) of the following: performances, teaching opportunities, residencies, exhibitions, publications, or otherwise, including one (1) solo exhibition outside the Center for the Arts and Tom S. Gettys Center.​

    • Mid-Career Artist | Sustained professional practice and creation of an independent body of work that demonstrates artistic exploration and development for over a minimum of five (5) years. Have been juried, selected, curated, or hired to take part in at least two (2) of the following within the past ten (10) years: performances, teaching opportunities, residencies, exhibitions, publications, or otherwise, including one (1) solo exhibition outside the Center for the Arts and Tom S. Gettys Center.

    • Emerging Artist | Is currently creating a functional body of work. Is working towards or have been juried, selected, curated, or hired to take part in a local/regional performance, teaching opportunity, residency, exhibition, publication, or otherwise.

    • Hobbyist | Is not pursuing  art as a career, instead pursues art for leisure and/or personal pleasure. Limited or no desire to sell work, gain a following, or support oneself through the creation of art.

  • Process Statement | ​A detailed description of how your art is made is not required, rather please provide information about the methods and tools used in the creation of your artwork, possible hazards, safety plans, etc.

  • Resume/CV | If you are emailing your resume/CV with your portfolio, please note that you have done so in the corresponding field.

  • Preferred Move In Date | Most Studio Artists will take occupancy on or around July 1. All leases run through June 30, regardless of when they are initiated. A new lease will be issued annually for the duration of a Studio Artist's tenancy.




    • A Google account is not required to fill out and submit this form.​

    • The Artist Studio Application must be filled out and submitted online. Emailed and mailed copies are not accepted.

    • Applications are not carried over from call to call. A new application must be submitted each time an Artist Studio becomes available. 

    • Email digital portfolio to

    • There are no application fees.

    • Please email if you have any issues with the form.



    • ​If no studios are available, please add your contact information to the Artist Studio Interest List if you would like an Arts Council representative to reach out to you when artist studios become available.

    • PLEASE NOTE | The Studio Artist Interest List is not the application for an artist studio.

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