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Dylan Bannister

Painting, Printmaking, Collage, Video, & Photography
Dylan Bannister is a visual artist and printmaker based out of Rock Hill, South Carolina, where he maintains a studio practice and contributes to the town’s growing arts community. In 2016, he earned his B.F.A. from Winthrop University, where he then taught as an Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, educating on artwork documentation and portfolio organization. Bannister has also worked as an assistant to other professional artists; having designed web-based galleries, aided in classroom settings, and managed studio spaces.

Bannister’s work utilizes technologies of the past, and he finds the scavenger hunt of finding these now-antiquated devices just as rewarding as using them for creative purposes. His interdisciplinary approach unites contemporary practices in photography and video with traditional media such as printmaking and collage. Conceptually, Bannister draws connections between the error-ridden images synthesized by analog video equipment and the formation, storage, and recollection of memories.
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