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Ashley S Holloway

Goon'e & Goldleaf

Goon'e & Goldleaf
Painting & Jewelry
I was born in Delaware and raised in South Carolina. I started taking my art serious at the age of seven. At that time, I won an art contest by painting a picture of my mother which was placed in the local town's newspaper in Aiken, SC. I studied some graphic design in college. My art talent and skill was predominately self taught. I am an artist that deals in lots of different mediums and disciplines. I started out drawing, painting, and using color pastels and color pencils. Being such a lover of art I also got into jewelry making and lapidary. Today my biggest challenge is balancing all my skill sets and being attentive in nurturing them all. I find lots of inspiration from nature and everyday life experiences. My goal is to ultimately open an art gallery. I also would like to open an art school where I can teach art, design, jewelry making and leather stitching classes to anyone of interest but cater to the youth, elderly and veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
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