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Drawings & Paintings

works by Marge Loudon Moody

Surface Light Series 2

Surface Light Reflection II

Surface Light I


Center for the Arts | Dalton Gallery

121 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC



March 22 - April 28, 2019
Thursday, April 11, 2019
5:30 - 7:30 PM
*This exhibition is a part of the Come-See-Me Festival, and the South Carolina Humanities Festival.
Drawings & Paintings | works by Marge Moody

Marge Moody's work is inspired by her experience of places, distant, close to home, and from her imagination. Marge's work describes the ‘spirit’ of place. She works thematically as each experience may suggest many possible visual outcomes. The work examines boundaries, addresses the fragility of existence, of presence, of absence, and of memory.


Moody creates her abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, which, through a rigorous process of working and reworking composition and art elements, arrive at a harmonious expression of the essential nature of the subject. 



Marge Moody’s work is inspired by the experience of her environment, close to home, distant, and from her imagination. Using non-representational imagery, the work describes the ‘spirit’ of place.  She works thematically and makes abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, collages, drawings and mixed media pieces, which, through a rigorous process of working and reworking composition and art elements, arrive at a harmonious expression of the essential nature of the subject. Life experience may be similarly layered. Subject matter may serve as metaphor for intangible ideas. 


The Surface Light series, many of which are on display in this exhibition, is a response to her environment and how light falls at different times of the day and at different seasons of the year. Strong midday sun in the summer differs greatly from that of the winter, when light rays are weaker and lower. Her palette changes to reflect these changes. Carefully considered, specific color decisions are critical to describing the mood of each subject.


Marge Moody recently retired as Professor of Fine Arts from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, after teaching for 30 years. She describes her work broadly as being environment based, which emanates from her home in South Carolina, traveling and from her imagination. 


She has exhibited her work in Great Britain, Washington, DC, New York, Chicago and various galleries in North and South Carolina. Some of her recent achievements include: in 2015 she was awarded a one-person show (‘SM15’) at FRONT Art Space, Tribeca, New York, NY and was invited to participate in the 15th Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea, London, England, in February 2016. In 2013 she had one-person exhibitions of her work in Chicago, Illinois, and in Great Britain, two of 6 shows she had in 2013 as part of her ‘Made In America: 1983 – 2013 exhibitions. Her work was selected for the large exhibition, Abstract Art in South Carolina 1949 – 2012 at the SC State Museum, Columbia, SC in 2012.


Marge’s work is part of many private and corporate collections in Great Britain and the US, including the South Carolina State Art Collection, the MUSC Contemporary Carolina Collection, Williams and Fudge and the Winthrop University Collection. She completed a residency at McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC in 2006 and at OBRAS – Portugal in 2015. She is married to Phil Moody, photographer, and has two grown sons. |

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ASC Culture for All

This project was made possible by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources, the Blumenthal Endowment and the Arts Council of York County.

Works by members of the Catawba River Art Guild




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