2015 Annual Campaign Donors


INVESTOR ($5,000-$7,499)

The Herald

Spring Creative

SPONSOR ($2,500 - $4,999)
Duke Energy

Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Wells Fargo

Williams & Fudge

PATRON ($500 - $999)

Allstate – Blake Crook

Pulcra Chemicals

Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson

PARTNER ($300 - $499)

Carolina Smile Design

Cranford Dental

Honeybaked Ham and Café


CONTRIBUTOR ($100 - $299)

Ayounde K. Ayodele, MD

Burkett, Burkett, Burkett, CPAs

Charles M. Redfern, CPA

Family Trust

Gala Affairs Party Rentals

Rock Hill Economic Development Center

State Farm - Dennis Harrington


Affinity Health

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

ZMO Chapter

Catawba River Art Guild


Just Be Academy

Keystone Substance Abuse Services

Olde English Painters Guild

Rock Hill Bicycle Club

Rock Hill Music Club

Veteran Art Society

York County Quilters

York County Solicitor’s Office


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($1,000 - $2,499)

Beverly A. Carroll

Betty Caughman

Mr. Harry Dalton

Steve and Barbara Ellsworth

Joe and Marilyn Mitchell

Gerry and Barbara Schapiro

Michael and Miranda Smith

Henry Woods and Gale Teaster


($500 - $999)

Wedge and Debbie Abels

Bernard and Teri Ackerman

Ed and Kim Brock

Ted and Colleen Coesens

Matt Dosch

Marshall Doswell

Rick Jiran

Bob and Leslie Maycock

Sarah Moore

David and Teresa Rector

Ruth H. Todd

Edward and Gretchen Weston

Nelson and Suzie Wright

CIVITAS SOCIETY ($300 - $499)

Louise Barnes

Bob and Eileen Barrett

Sophia F. Beers

Wally and Karen Blakenship

Kay Cheek

Jacqueline Clarkin

Diane Cooper

Martie H. Curran

Eric and Elanie Whitten Davis

David and Elda Franklin

Martin and Harriet Goode

Janet Gray

Jim and Kack Hardin

Bill and Anna Hull

Scott and Barbara James

Bill and Joanne Lehman

Joe and Gale Lanford

Mac and Doris Leitner

Al and Patty LeRoy

Russell and Janet Luke

Marian Minerd

Ralph and Jan Odom

Harold and Jane Peeples

Terry and Betty Plumb

Curtis and Bettye Rawls

Betty Jo Rhea

Toy and Grazier Rhea

Ted and Becky Rosaik

Alfred Ward and Caroline Rust

John and Jane Spratt

Randolph Rodrigue and Tracy Timony

Brain and Julie Wacaster

Jim and Jean Wheeler

Joe and Connie Zdenek

CONTRIBUTOR ($100 - $299)

Arlene Albert

Ashley Altman

Hal and Mickey Anderson

David and Peggy Angel

Mike and LaDonna Baker

George and Ashley Barron

Dan and Betsy Bartel

Barbarba B. Beam

Ashley Beard

Susan Belrose

Myra Bonner

Kathie Brabham

Kevin Bratton

Doris Browder

John and Wilma Bucy

James and Marica Buike

Joseph and Jane Carlisle

Jaclyn Carson

Brian Childers

Jim and Barb Clinton

John and Louise Clinton

David and Sharon Cole

Barry Crowe

David and Ann Dalton

Ian and Nancy Davidson

Kevin and Alice Davis

Peg De Lamater

Tony and Gale DiGiorgoio

Red and Hannahlie Ferguson

Nita Forest

Mike Gentry

Nick and Kathy George

Judith Gustafson

David and Crystal Guyton

Floyd and Diane Hale

Dennis Harrington

Joe and Michelle Hatchett

Mike and Debra Heintz

Bill and Sue Hilton

Ashley and JoAnne Hooper

Lynn Hornsby

Sig and Judy Huitt

Dr. Joel Huneycutt

Hiram and Linda Hutchison

Mike and Sandy Johnson

Dot Killian

Sybil Huskey and Mike Lavine

Lori and Jack Leader

Malcolm and Jeannie Marion

Dick and Jan McCoy

Stephen McCrae

Marsha and Terry Miller

Frank and Phyllis Myers

Nicki Nash

Alan and Julia Nichols

Bobby Plair Jr.

Frank and Sallie Pullano

Marion Scott Readett

Marina Reburn

Charles and Gay Redfern

Feely and Gladys Robinson

Marshall and Francis Rouse

Dr. Bradley Sabelli

James and Elizabeth Simpson

J. Michael Simpson

D. Jeffrey Sligh

Carey and Joan Smith

Tom and Kathe Stanley

Nancy Story

Judith Tarlton

Susan Tarnower

Edward and Becky Thompson

Dr. Felix Triplett

Stephen and Debbie Turner

Sally Viualt

Jim and Pat Vining

Freeman and Joanne Wardell

Ray and Elly Weiss

Lee Wilkerson

Charles and Linda Williams

Deana Williams

Gary and Peggy Williams

Brian and Michele Wilson

Wayne Wingate

Richard and Cathy Winn

Dr. David Wohl

Charles and Anna Workman



James and Ellen Allinger

Cleopatra Allen

Spencer and Elizabeth Anderson

Celeste Bagley

Hugh Barnett

Dennis and Tammy Bass

Todd Baxter

Muskan Bhadauria

John and Lora Black

Joe and Sandra Bonds

Jessica Bowers

Eddie and Gayle Brown

Elizabeth Burbank

Maryanne Burdette

Charles Burdette, III

Sonja Burris

Jim Camann

Leah Cabinum

Bobbie Chewing

M.C. Churchill-Nash

Joyce Crabtree

Paul M. Cuff

Barbara Curry

Cindy Dale

Cynthia DiTursi

Roger and Judith Dixon

Kathy and Matt Dorton

Susan Dressler

LaSalle Foster

Stephen and Linda Gedney

Anne Gill

Holly Glasscock

Dr. Robert Goodbar

Bob and Jane Gorman

Rick and Judi Harper

Carol Harvey

Wes and Sally Hayes

Susan Helldorfer

Joanne Henry

Susan and Joan Herdman

Gene and Kelly Herring

Lura Holler

Cynthia Howard

Paul Ingley

Kirk Irwin

Robert and Sheryl Jacobs

Robert and Edith Jolly

Phillip Keenan

Selena Keleman

Worth and Anne Kendall

Bill Kezziah

Frank and Phyllis Kiser

Luanne Kokolis

Trent Kull

Barbara Kurz

Dorie Lancaster

Jim Jil Lancaster

Jane Laroche

Linda Lathen

Rick and Kim Lee

Bud Lohr

Barbara Lovell

Cathy Lowman

David and Judy Lyon

Troy Mallett

Carol Marchel

Lillian W. Matthews

Lucy McDow

Brad and Connie McKeown

Kathy McKinney

Jessie McLaurin

Joann McMaster

John Meehan

Martin and Judy Mobley

Dottie Moore

Dennis Mundy

Marcee Musgrove

Faye Myles

Greg and Mary Lynn Norton

Richard Hanners and Suzanne Owen

Ronald Parks

Thomas K. Pauley

Margaret Platt

Keara Reburn

Gregg and Linda Reight

Tom Remmey

Keith and Marilyn Richardson

Sarah V. Ridgeway

John and Geri Rinehart

Frank and Lisa Robards

Bobbie Roberts

Terry and Caroline Roueche

Seymour Simmons

Walter Simpson

Eddie Smith

Perry and Nancy Smith

William Smoak

AJ Soto

Michelle Soto

Jennifer Sparker

Allan Starnes

Thomas and Sonja Templeton

Coleman Tharpe

Laura Thomas

Bob and Norma Thompson

Chet and Kristine Tucker

Haryy and Delores Tune

Davis and Thomasena Washington

Erica Welzenbach

James and Gretchen Werrell

George and Betty White

Michael and Catherine Williams

Bob Wol



Suzie Wright and Bettye Rawls – 

In Memory of Mary Whitesides


Debbie Abels -

Kim Brock -

John Buck -

Sonja Burris -

Eric Davis & Elaine Whitten Davis -

Jack DeRochi -

Jean Dubrouillet -

Doug Echols -

Shirley Fishburne -

Michele Hatchett -

Jo Anne Hovis -

Sig Huitt -

Melanie Jones -

Ben Johnson -

Sandy Johnson -

Dorie Lancaster -

Sarah Moore -

Nicki Nash -

Mary Lynn Norton -

Keara Reburn -

David & Teresa Rector -

Roger Sarow -

Kristen Sessions -

Ed Thompson -

Ruth Todd -

Brian Wacaster -

Erica Welzenbach -

Gary Williams -

Henry Woods & Gale Teaster -

Suzie Wright -

               In Memory of Michael Heintz




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*Open from 5 - 6 PM by appointment 
Friday | 9 AM - 5 PM
2nd & 4th weekends each month:
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Sunday | 2 - 4 PM


Gettys Art Center

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Easter Monday

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Labor Day

Thanksgiving Thursday & Friday

Christmas Eve  Day

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

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