The arts are vibrant here in York County, South Carolina! The Arts Council of York County offers many programs and competitions throughout the year. At the Community Performance Center, you will find world-class acts like The Second City and the Glenn Miller Orchestra performing as a part of the Main Stage Series. The Underexposed Film Festival yc features the best in indie films from across the country. In the Dalton Gallery, local, national, and international artists are given a space to display their paintings, prints, sculptures, and textile arts. In the fall each year, we focus on the literary arts with a competition focusing on poetry and short stories.

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    Community Performance Center
    249 East Main Street | Rock Hill, SC | 29730

    Our performing arts programs are held at the Community Performance Center, where artists are given the stage to let their voices be heard. We host the  Arts Council of York County | On Tour , where nationally and internationally renowned musicians and comedians entertain our concert & theatre-goers, and the  Underexposed Film Festival yc  and  Series , featuring the best in independent filmmaking from across the world.

    Ballet, jazz, modern – name just about any type of dance and chances are, you can find it here in York County. The York County Ballet, Winthrop University and the various other dance groups in the community provide a unique array of shows and classes.
    Music is becoming an increasingly large part of York County’s art offerings. Numerous restaurants and other unique venues in the county have begun regularly showcasing live music, bringing in large crowds. With many talented emerging musicians, some considered local celebrities, our community is establishing itself as an important entertainment destination.
    The Arts Council's biggest celebration of music is our annual  Blues & Jazz Festival . Always the first weekend of October, the Festival has become a draw for thousands of people from York County and all over the southeast, showcasing some of the coolest blues entertainment around.
    You can almost always find a quality theatre show playing somewhere in York County, whether it be a musical, comedy, student show or dinner theatre. Numerous organizations and theatre groups exist who work and rehearse tirelessly to present entertaining productions to our community.
    Local schools and universities, community theatres, like the Rock Hill Community Theatre, and other organizations are in place here that provide a wide variety of both well-known and original shows to the stage in various venues throughout the year.

    Image by Mike Baker

  • Center for the Arts
    Center for the Arts
    121 East Main Street | Rock Hill, SC | 29730

    York County is home to an increasing base of extremely talented visual artists.

    Painting, jewelry, photography, woodworking, pottery, literary arts – the variety of artistic mediums practiced in our area continues to expand.
    The Arts Council hosts professional exhibitions by locally and nationally known artists in the Dalton Gallery at the Center for the Arts. Exhibitions change every 6-8 weeks, with a public opening reception held for each one. The Center for the Arts is also home to two other galleries: the Perimeter Gallery and the Edmund D. Lewandowski Classroom Gallery.
    The Gettys Art Center is another visual arts hub located on Main Street, Rock Hill. The Rock Hill Pottery Center is located on the main floor and offers a variety of unique, handmade pottery by various local artists.  Also located in this building are the SC Arts Alliance, Friday Arts Project, Social Design House, and The Cordial Churchman.
    There are numerous other opportunities to experience great art in York County; auctions, and special exhibitions.
    This competition is open to artists of all levels in the United States and accepts all visual arts (including video).

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    Short Story & Poetry Competitions
    Adult & Youth Categories
    In 2015, the Arts Council hosts the 12th Annual Literary and 4rd Annual Youth Literary Competitions! Entries were accepted in two categories: 
    short story and poetry. 
    Each category, short story and poetry, is judged independently. Authors are permitted to enter both categories and entries are eligible to win an award in each competition, however, there are no repeat prizewinners within the categories.
    12th Annual Literary Competition

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Literary Competitions!


    Awards for the 12th Annual Literary Competition | Poetry
    1st Place | “The Giver’s Remorse” by Marquis Love, Rock Hill, SC
    2nd Place | “Being Still” by Earl Wilcox, Rock Hill, SC
    3rd Place | “Music Recital” by Martha Robinson, Fort Mill, SC
    Honorable Mention | “GyPSy: Guidance Poemsitioning System” by Joy Coulter, Rock Hill, SC
    Honorable Mention | “Replay” by Jane Janick, Fort Mill, SC
    Awards for the 12th Annual Literary Competition | Short Story
    1st Place | “Virus” by Soledad Anaya-Vance, Rock Hill, SC
    2nd Place | “Catfish House” by Bill Kezziah, Rock Hill, SC
    3rd Place | “Joe Skelton” by J. Paige Straley, Hickory, NC
    Honorable Mention | “Sorts and Kinds” by Bob Jolly, Rock Hill, SC
    Honorable Mention | “Bug” by Meagan Skinner-Keith, Columbia, SC
    Awards for the 4th Annual Youth Literary Competition | Poetry
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    1st Place  | “The Welcome Mat on the Porch” by Kevin Hicks, Rock Hill, SC

    2nd Place  | “Disney World” by Charlotte Pollack, Fort Mill, SC

    3rd Place  | “The Unknown” by Jackson Lemmonds, Fort Mill, SC

    Honorable Mention  | “Without a Helping Hand” by Rachel Stevens, Fort Mill, SC

    Honorable Mention  | “Who Am I” by Kenzie Beer, Charlotte, NC


    Awards for the 4th Annual Youth Literary Competition | Short Story
    1st Place | “The Bloody Masquerade” by Charlotte Pollack, Fort Mill, SC
    2nd Place | “Deep Violet” by Jaden Lemmonds, Fort Mill, SC
    3rd Place | “Lil Blue and Me” by Jordan Flachman, Fort Mill, SC
    Honorable Mention | “Time After Time” by Greta Hopf, Rock Hill, SC
    Honorable Mention | “In Sickness and In Health” by Zoe Kennedy, Rock Hill, SC
    The 12th Annual Literary Competition and the 4th Annual Youth Literary Competition are sponsored by the Perihelion Club. The Perihelion Club, as a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, began in 1898 as a literary and social club in Rock Hill.  Over the years, club members, individually and as a club, have supported literacy in the community in a variety of ways - by conducting story hour at elementary schools, purchasing books for school libraries and funding a scholarship at Winthrop University. Today its members continue to share their love of literature with each other and to eagerly support literacy efforts in the community by raising funds at an auction held annually at its December meeting. The Perihelion Club is very proud to encourage writers of short stories and poetry by funding prizes for this competition.